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March 28, 2021
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Background Removal

6 Ways to Create Top Quality Image for Ecommerce Site

In the age of visual culture, everyone prefers online shopping stores as compared to brick and mortar stores. They scroll the various images on the different e-commerce sites in the search of the right item and make a decision on the basis of the image.
In the entire process, the image plays an important role in attracting the attention of the customers. If you are an e-commerce seller, then having the high-quality images of your products is a must to get the attention of customers successfully.
Clicking the product images with the high definition cameras is not enough to add life to your product images. The photo editing service can bring a major difference to your product image.
Here w/e have discussed the top 6 ways below, which will definitely help you in creating a top-quality image of your product.

1.      Background removal:

Background removal is one of the easiest ways to enhance the quality of your product images. Every buyer desires to get the actual ideas of the designs and colors of the item. The natural background will never provide an effective background for the product.

The background removal will help you in adding a suitable artificial background, which will enhance the features of your products successfully

2. Clipping path:


Color Correction

The clipping path becomes a must for the photograph or image to make a design ready. The process cuts the image from the background and removes it from the image. So, you can easily isolate the display product prominently.

It will help you to define the field of the object and highlight all the details effectively. It will definitely add life to your product photography.

3. Image masking:

Image Masking

Image masking is one of the effective techniques to increase image quality successfully. It is also known as a clipping mask as it removes the background in a detailed manner. It helps in removing the background of an image to show the twisted edges and curves.

It allows people to create transparency and you can also replace the background successfully according to your needs.

4. Photo retouching:

Product Photo Retouching

The photo retouching will help you cover all the flaws of your product image and enhance the picture quality successfully. It will help you in balancing color and add a natural color effect to your images. The photo retouching will enhance the small details of the product and make it more attractive as well.

5. Color correction:

Color Correction

Color correction is one of the important steps before using the product photograph on e-commerce sites. Natural and artificial lighting may change the actual color of the object. The color correction not only restores the actual color and makes it suitable for the image.

6. Shadow creation:

Natural Shadow


The shadow plays an important role in a photograph. It provides a sense of depth, texture, and impression of the object. The creation of the shadow in the image will add 3D look to the image and make it more realistic. It will definitely engage the attention of the visitors and enhance the beauty of the product too.

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