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Clipping Path Quality Service is one of the leading image processing and photo retouching service provider located in Bangladesh. We deliver different types of image retouching and editing services to our beloved customers all over the world. We provide photograph retouching service for photographs, magazines, fashion models and agencies. Many online business companies take our services. For retouching their products like jewelry, electronics, shoes, apparels, etc. by getting the images of their products enhanced.

Our Photo Retouching Expertise

Our Photoshop experts generally work for the clipping path of product images that are shown on E-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay. We specially offer a discount to the customer who has bulk quantity images. We are highly capable of improving natural colors and tone of outdoor images or add new elements to indoor photo shoots. Whatever you require, our image processing services can ensure you exactly that service.

Photo touch is also known as photo retouching. Photo Touch up is an advance procedure by which picture or photo is changed or mastermind to change the appearance of the photograph differently from the original image. Photo touch up is one type of art that requires an integral combination of skill and creativity. Innovativeness and skills are acquired by dealing with the most complex photograph or portrait. By applying some of the advanced techniques of retouching for photo touch up top-quality service can be ensured.

Types of Photo touch up

Basically, photo touches up needs for portrait/ skin retouch and product photo retouch. There are different types of photo retouching services is available. For example, Basic retouching, beauty/glamour retouching, and Product photo retouching.

Basic retouching: In case of basic retouch need to remove the unnecessary or imperfect elements or object from an image. For example, remove spots, wrinkles, sketches, scratches, dust or dirt, etc. is the main purpose of basic retouch.

Beauty/glamour retouching: This kind of retouch is used for portrait or model photo touch up. To give a model a glamorous and gorgeous look this retouching process is applied widely. Using this process a 40-year-old model can look to be a 20-year-old. It takes advanced-level skills and procedures to do that.

Product photo retouching: At present, online and e-commerce shop is increasing rapidly and so do a competition between the sellers. Hence, to make the product photos presentable and attract more buyers’ product photo retouching is a must thing to do. We remove the scratches, dust, and camera reflection, unwanted object from the product image without damaging the image or its quality.

Generally, a beautiful and excellent image depends on its exposure and contrast. Additionally, when you give us the responsibility to manage your images, we not only just touch up the images but also make sure that the contrast and exposure are excellent. At Clipping Path Quality Service we always promise to deliver you the pixel-perfect quality and make you feel satisfied and happy. We’re definitely not the best in the world but we do our best. Above all, it keeps our clients happy and satisfied.

Additionally, we have so many highly skilled retouching experts with a great amount of knowledge and creativity in the Photo editing and retouching arena. For this purpose, we use the most updated and reliable tools.

In conclusion, by considering the complexity of the photo our photo touch up services are termed as basic, medium and complex retouching. We would like to promise you the top quality retouching service and make you happy.

We are Committed

The youthful, as well as a powerful group associated with image editing, ensure a genuinely fascinating result. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals serves the Image and photograph retouching. Keeping mind the requirements of our clients, designers handle each image with immense care and attention. Image retouching is perhaps the most delicate domain of photo editing. Even while concentrating on beauty retouching we also take care of intricate details, facial curves and natural face defining bones. We deliver back to your all images within 24 hours with great looks. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the image because we provide the best services without any kind of compromise.

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