Image background Removal Service

Background removal plays a vital role in the e-commerce business. A perfect background removal service can boost your e-commerce sales. We are a team of professional background removal service provider.

White is the choice product background color of about 40% of online consumers. Considering that visual appeal can catalyze sales, large online vendors face a challenge. They must ensure that they field all-white backdrop for hundreds of products. Saying it as it is, editing for white background on each product’s photograph can be daunting, and yes, boring!

Our background removal service isn’t static to just ‘white backdrop’. Depending on your product, we can fine-tune a single-color background. In fact, this will radiate your product’s visual appeal, perfecting it for ads and promotional demands. We employ the finest of hand-drawn clipping path tool towards the inclusion of every detail. Our central aim is to create products with persuasive appeal. We achieve this through mild yet effective background design. With over 5 million photos edited since inception, we are the best. Our commitment is premium in ensuring you close that sale.

What is Image Background Removal?

It’s likely what you think it is in your mind right now: removing a photograph from its backdrop…and yes, it’s that simple. Background removal involves the separation of the central item from its background to give it better focus. The e-commerce space is one of the leading industries in need of this service. Many popular online stores (think Amazon and eBay), require sellers to only field products with a white backdrop. Our service however transcends the ‘the all-white craze’ of the retail giants. We offer the addition of both contextual and single-color backgrounds.

Background removal of vegetables Image

Image Background Removal Process

Pause! Do you think it’s rocket science? No, you’re not so close. Think of removing image background as one destination attracting many routes. Think of the removal process depends on the image, expected outcome, and the skillet of the editor. At Clipping path quality service, we count on the professionalism of our editors. They excel with their skill using the Clipping Path Tool. For products like animal images with hair and fur, we employ advanced Photoshop masking tools. This is to attain an industry standard height of quality delivery.

You can achieve the best outcome with this by using a hand-drawn clipping path. This tool enhances the realistic appeal of your image. Photoshop’s Pen Tool can help you trace, cut, and lift an image. Zooming out while using it will also enable you to see the finest of details. These can often go missing under lower resolution.

Advanced Photoshop Background Removal

The removal process above is perfect until the image is one with fur or hair. Here is where you need to bring in some Photoshop magic wand. The single-use or merging of the Background Eraser Tool. Added into the mix the Magic Eraser Tool, and the Color Separation Technique. These can help you create the most persuasive of product images that shoppers can’t turn away from. Keeping it simple and consistent is the best approach.

In the process, think about how every editing action affects your image outcome. Does the background color match with the product? Does it ignite a mental appeal to catalyze customer’s purchase? What does it say about your brand?

You should remove the background from product photos only in compliance with the T&C of your retail workspace. As a matter of fact, Removing backdrop is also essential when you are trying to draw attention to the foreground. It also aids in showcasing certain details of a product, or to achieve a transparent background. You do not need background removal if the existing background is good to go.

Who Can Use the Backdrop Removal Service?

Everyone does at one point or the other, but businesses do most. Online retail stores require confirming with marketplace demands and are at the frontier of this service demand. Background removal is common in Print too. It aids visual conformity and better pivots readers’ appeal toward textual contents. This enhances readers’ experience with ease of product usage.

Attention to detail is central to quality image background removal. It can become difficult to achieve especially when you have images in batches. At Clipping Path Quality Service, our professional background removal service is of a prime quality. Boasting a standard that beats competitions by an immeasurable margin.

Why You Should Choose Us

Notably, Every image speaks its language loudly, albeit in silence, and your shoppers can hear it. From this they will make a buy-or-don’t decision from it. Our seasoned editors at Clipping Path Quality Service have got the array of skills that you require. Tools to help you arrive at the perfect product image background. Our embrace for continuous development through the use of modern editing tools translates to modern output. These are also sure to close-up product sales.

In our detailed plight, we magnify your image up to 300% when drawing each clipping path. This exposes us to essential anchor points that help replace or edit your image background. In fact, we also achieve this without any distortion. We retain the original pixels, infusing enhancement at crucial points. This ensures we can wrap-up up a breathtaking product outlook with real-life image quality. Our services go through an in-house vetting process to ensure compliance with the highest quality of service. We believe every customer of ours deserve this.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we offer a free test image. You have the opportunity to judge our service before you start working with us.

We accept all types of file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, Raw, etc.

You can send files through Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.

Yes, of course. We accept bulk images order. Our designers are very highly skilled and capable of maintaining good quality work for bulk images too.

To make the transactions smooth and hassle-free we accept some of the most secure payment systems. You can make payments via PayPal, Payoneer Master cards. We also offer a discount on master card payments.

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